Why Mental Health Days Are So Effective & 10 Ways To Get Started

Taking a day off to tend to your mental health isn’t a new concept. However, more social media users have been sharing their versions of a mental health day—with plenty of good tips, I might add—so the topic is getting more air time.

Influencer Madison Wild calls it her “happy brain routine,” on TikTok, sharing her must-do activities to keep her mood high. Model and influencer Sierra Brave takes her followers on a journey to “cure her brain” in her TikTok vlog, reminding followers that while she likes to keep her content positive, she too, struggles to get out of bed sometimes—and that’s okay. Another user, Kate Speights, also made a list of her go-to feel-better activities, especially for those with anxiety or people who are short on time. 

This trend of normalizing bad days on social media is certainly a step in the right direction, helping to remind everyone that needing a day to get your brain back on track is normal, and more people do it than you might think. 

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