What A Guru Taught Me For Getting Rid Of Anger & Irritability

According to Daaji, we have a complementary and symbiotic relationship with plants that can play a role in our health and wellbeing, if only we tap into it.

“Whenever you look at a tree or a flower, and you’re around them, your inner being begins to resonate with it,” Daaji tells mindbodygreen, adding, “So, whenever you meditate in such places, you find immense peace. Even though you may be disturbed, sitting in such an environment […] calms you down.”

Just as trees take in the carbon dioxide we give off, while providing the oxygen we need to breathe, Daaji says that same relationship exists on an energetic level, in which the tree can take in any negative energy you’re holding onto and put it to use, while offering you positive energy in exchange.

In his experience, he’s taken the help of trees by requesting this exchange. “It’s always there, and somehow the universe or existence is created in such a way that it’s complementary. Whatever we don’t need, plants take it all,” Daaji explains, noting that trees “absorb waste and give you the best.”

So if you’re looking to remove your irritability, stress, anger, and the like, he suggests, sleep under a tree for a few nights. Yep, sleep under a tree. If you require a tent, that works, though Daaji notes that directly on the ground would be best.

If that sounds like a bit of stretch, you can also sit under a tree and meditate. According to Daaji, the only stipulation here is that the tree trunk is no wider than your back. As he explains, trees have such potent energy that if you seek the assistance of a tree too large for you, you may not be able to hold its energy.

And of course, always request the tree’s help before you begin, and thank it when you’re done.

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