Wellness Travel In Negril, Jamaica: Where To Stay, Eat & Explore

For many, Negril, Jamaica is a permanent vacation. I met multiple people—from England to France to New York—who visited on holiday, fell in love with the culture, and never left. Thirty-some years later, they call Jamaica home. 

After spending just four nights in Negril, I can see why it attracts expats from all over the world. Undiscovered for centuries, what was once a quiet fishing village remained relatively untouched until the late 1950s—the first resort didn’t even open until 1977—when hippie “flower children” came across the lush jungle-forests and picturesque beaches and put it on the tourism map. 

To this day, Negril maintains its original laid-back vibe: Dubbed the “Capital of Casual,” the town has an intimate, authentic feel you’ll experience as soon as you meet your first local. “Let me know if you need anything,” countless people promised. “Grab a drink—tell them I sent you,” followed every recommendation. Most of the establishments are family-owned, the people there warmer than the Caribbean sun. 

Wellness enthusiasts will especially love the natural foliage on the west end of the island, and the slower pace of life creates the ultimate escape for travelers near and far. Negril, I’d argue, is the epitome of a well-being destination. Here, discover all the ways you can explore the Capital of Casual.

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