Weekly Horoscope For July 3-9, 2023, From Astrologers

Check in on those New Year’s resolutions! (Remember those?) This Monday, July 3, the full moon in goal-getter Capricorn sets the stage for a “midterm” review.

What’s the 2023 progress report? Pinpoint what’s working well and X off anything that’s proving to be an impossible task. This midyear review is the perfect time to revamp your strategy and set different milestones if you need to pivot.

Industrious Capricorn is an ambitious high achiever, but don’t forget to celebrate any and all accomplishments you’ve made thus far in 2023. No one gets a shiny gold star for being a martyr. Acknowledge your progress and thank people who’ve been part of your growth.

Are you ready to go bigger? Maximalist Jupiter is fistbumping the full moon, which can help you expand your vision. But capture any big ideas in writing! With the moon opposite mental Mercury, relying on your memory won’t cut it.

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