Treating Age Spots, Dark Circles & Wrinkles According To A Pro

As a woman with chronic under eye circles, I asked Marino specifically about what I can do to help improve the look of my very tired eyes. Her first tip? “Get more sleep,” she says. 

Then she goes on to explain one cause of dark circles: “For a lot of people, under the eye area is hollow, so a lot of times you’re seeing the underlying anatomy that’s causing the shadow,” she says. “So for those folks, you want to thicken the skin.” 

As for skin care, “one of my favorite ingredients for under the eye area is vitamin C and peptides,” she says, noting she likes iS Clinical C Eye Serum Advance Plus. “Vitamin C in itself is a pigment inhibitor and antioxidant. Copper peptides are amazing for stimulating collagen, which can help thicken the tissue.” 

But then—and here’s key—is to layer the eye serum with a thicker cream. “Serums contain thinner molecules, so they go to the deeper layers of skin and they create a change,” she explains. “But I love eye creams—so I’ll put the serum on first and then I’ll layer it.” 

Her favorite eye cream to layer over it is the Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Cream. “You want something under the eye to nourish, brighten, and also protect. So it’s super important to protect the under eye, because that tissue is so delicate.” 

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