This Just In: Multis Deliver Real Brain Longevity Benefits*

In the randomized clinical trial (RCT), researchers from Columbia University and Harvard Medical School randomly assigned 3,500 participants over the age of 60 to take either a standard multivitamin (Centrum Silver) or a placebo daily. Their baseline brain function was evaluated prior to the study and annually thereafter for three years.

Participants that took a daily multivitamin were found to have significantly better immediate recall after one year compared to the control group, as well as better average recall over the three-year study period.* In fact, taking a daily multi demonstrated a clear slowing of cognitive aging by 3.1 years.* 

Researchers concluded that daily multivitamin use among older adults can help improve memory and enhance overall brain longevity.* Of course, multis should not be used as a replacement for a healthy, well-balanced diet or lifestyle habits (i.e., good sleep, regular physical activity, proper hydration, etc.), but rather a complementary approach to maintaining cognitive health as we age.* 

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