The Wind Down: Medical Doctor Mark Atkinson, MBBS

Dr. Mark Atkinson is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of human potential development and optimal health medicine. Through his work as a medical doctor, leadership coach, and human potential teacher, Mark has helped thousands of people, including business leaders and elite athletes optimize their health and unlock higher levels of well-being, performance, and consciousness.

His books include The Mind-Body Bible and True Happiness: Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health. He is the founder of the Human Potential Academy and the Human Potential Coach Certification Program. He is also Head of Human Potential Development at, a pioneering Canadian neurofeedback company.

Mark is an AC Accredited Master Coach, GMC Registered Medical Doctor, Fellow of the Association for Coaching, Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health and Fellow of the American Institute of Stress. He received his medical degree from Imperial College London.

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