The Destiny Numbers In Numerology + How To Find Out Yours

In the ancient system of numerology, it’s believed that numbers and letters carry vibrations that influence our life’s mission—and the life destiny number, also sometimes called the life expression number, represents how you will achieve your sacred calling in life, numerologist and author of You Are Cosmic Code, Kaitlyn Kaerhart explains.

As the name suggests, this number speaks to your, well, destiny. Kaerhart tells mindbodygreen that if your life path number is your “why,” your destiny number is the “how,” with your destiny number essentially revealing how your life path number actually expresses itself.

“The destiny number reveals how you reach your ultimate destination, and how your life path number expresses itself. Based on your full legal birth name, this number speaks to the traits you will need to develop in order to be fulfilled, and how to go about attaining the life of your dreams,” she notes.

Think of your life path number as the road you’re traveling, while the life destiny number is the map that guides your way, Kaerhart says, adding, “Together, these two numbers create a more complete view of your life purpose.”

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