The Best June Book Releases in 2023

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Okay, sure, your reading goal for 2023 was a bit lofty. No fear, though! You can def-i-nite-ly dial down on those bookish cottagecore daydreams of easy-breezy living—especially this summer. Your beach towel is calling your name, and all you need (aside from some SPF, of course) is a good book to lug with you. Make your TBR list (that’s to-be-read list, for those of ya not yet in the know) your new BFF with these picks (all perfect for reading in the sand, far, far away from work).

Whatever your reason for picking up a paperback (and we seriously love that new book smell) or borrowing from the library (we love Libby, which is a virtual library app that can send copies or audio files to your Kindle or phone) , we’ve simplified the process by gathering the latest must-reads. Go ahead and put your phone on Do Not Disturb. We won’t tell. Without further ado, here are our five favorite book releases that hit shelves in June.

5 June book releases you need to add to your reading list immediately

“The Glow” by Jessie Gaynor — $19.00

This tongue-in-cheek exploration of wellness culture is très up our alley. Here’s what you need to know: a down-on-her-luck publicist named Jane decides to take the cult-ish leader of a retreat center and make her the buzziest new face of self care. Essentially, this satirical novel takes a sharp look at the culture knitted into beauty and health influencers—and the people who help them get there, no matter the cost. Jessie Gaynor is absolutely hilarious and smart, and isn’t afraid to call out a community that leans toward unattainable exclusivity as its main selling point. If you’ve ever complained that “self care” looks a lot like a synonym for “money,” this one’s for you.

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adult drama

“Adult Drama: And Other Essays” by Natalie Beach — $24.00

Ever heard of Caroline Calloway? While we don’t have time to get into *all that*, here’s the quick rundown: a few years ago, a friendship turned sour rather publicly between a long-time scammer (she’s literally written a book called Scammer) and her best friend who claimed to have ghostwritten much of her previous work. Needless to say, the results were juicy, and digital footprints imply that this dynamic is still very much culturally relevant. In layman’s terms, this backstory might satisfy your next Reddit deep-dive or reality TV craving. Anyhow, the ghostwriter in question, Natalie Beach, just released a collection of come-of-age essays that are equally page-turning. Did we fully know what the plot was before picking it up? No. Did it matter? Of course not. This feels like one of those books you proudly flash on the subway or let peek out of your tote bag—cue the conversation starter. Adult drama, indeed.

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girlfriend on mars

“Girlfriend on Mars” by Deborah Willis — $24.00

In light of some tragic recent events, this novel set in space may or may not tap into your latent curiosity about billionaire-funded trips to extreme frontiers. The book itself follows a twenty-something reality TV show contestant competing for a seat on an exploratory mission to Mars, set against the backdrop of a maybe-failing relationship, climate concerns making our *existing* planet inhospitable, and compelling coming-of-age-ish existential crises.

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“Pageboy: A Memoir” by Elliot Page — $19.00

You’ve probably heard of Juno—and more recently, it’s the star’s queer awakening. What better way to finish off Pride month than with Elliot Page’s trans coming of age, both individually and in the limelight? If you’ve savored celeb memoirs as of late—and there are some worthy contenders—you’ll appreciate this intimate peek.

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love theoretically

“Love, Theoretically” by Ali Hazelwood — $24.00

Women in STEM, this one’s for you. Ali Hazelwood won over hearts with her debut romance The Love Hypothesis, featuring a stubborn female scientist and her academic rival. Ummm, say less. While this pick has been trending in the top five at Book of the Month for what feels like forever, her third release follows the same lovable structure as her first two (beloved) stories. Consider: a theoretical physicist, Elsie, and her favorite client’s arrogant older brother who’s standing in the way of her dream job. TL;DR: sparks fly.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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