The Astrology Behind July’s Full Super Moon In Capricorn

The full moon arrives this Monday, July 3 at 7:39 a.m. EST in the sign of stern and serious Capricorn. As astrology expert Imani Quinn tells mindbodygreen, Capricorn is all about longterm goals, while July’s full moon is also known as the “Buck Moon.”

It’s named as such because around this time of year, male deer’s antlers reach their full growth, Quinn explains, adding this parallel speaks to the energy of this full moon as well. “It’s a reminder of what’s coming into full maturity in your life right now. Capricorn is success-oriented and focused on hard work, so you’re paying attention to what you’ve been putting effort into—and what has culminated,” she says.

Meanwhile, of course, we are still the midst of Cancer season, the opposite sign of Capricorn. As Quinn explains, these opposing energies have us residing in both our heads and our hearts. And according to her, it offers us an opportunity to make sure both of them are aligning.

“Since the full moon is about letting go and releasing what doesn’t serve us, what do you find within the head and heart that aren’t aligning? And what is being asked to let go?” she suggests asking yourself.

With this Cancer-Capricorn complementation underway, she adds, nurturing yourself will be of utmost importance. “Stay the course on your vision and don’t lose sight of your purpose, and [remember] you also need your love the most,” Quinn explains.

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