The 13 Best Shampoos For Frizzy Hair + More Smoothing Tips

A dry scalp calls for super sensitive shampoo, and this product is an A+ pick to check that box. Jojoba oil and algae quench a thirsty scalp while phytantriol helps protect your strands from environmental and heat-related damage. The formula is free from drying agents and harsh surfactants so it won’t make your hair squeaky clean, but it will deliver a proper wash without disrupting your scalp. Plus, the oils will ensure your hair is frizz-free from root to tip.

What reviewers say:

This formula is best suited for folks with dry scalps, and that’s reflected in the reviews. Some users say the shampoo doesn’t provide a deep cleanse, while others say it’s just the right amount. Many people praise the shampoo for making their strands more manageable, silky smooth, and replenishing moisture lost from over-cleansing, swimming, heat damage, etc.

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