Taurus Rising: What To Know About This Rising Sign In Life & Love

When it comes to their love lives, Taurus risings aren’t one for games or drama. In fact, Renstrom tells mindbodygreen, “Nothing turns a Taurus rising off faster than drama,” and while they’re not typically a skeptical bunch, they will have no problem cutting you off if you encroach on their comfort.

These people also tend to be very attractive, but they don’t know it. (Or if they do know it, they’re humble about it.) Again, Taurus risings have a gentle and comforting nature that makes them feel very safe to be around, Renstrom explains.

In terms of how they show love, he notes the instinct to provide and to shelter is very strong for these folks. “And they want to be recognized and appreciated for that,” he adds.

Further, they will likely show they care by doing something like cooking for you, buying tickets to a concert, covering the tab at dinner, or of course, physical touch. (That’s their earthy energy for you.)

If you want to woo them, it certainly won’t hurt if you put yourself together—being Venus-ruled means Taurus risings love pretty things. They’re also culture-vultures, and will always be down to check out the new, hip spot in town, whether a new restaurant or gallery opening.

For most Taurus risings, their fifth house of romance will be ruled by Virgo, a sign of service, dedication, and organization. Their seventh house of long-term partnerships, on the other hand, is ruled by Scorpio, a fixed sign that’s all about transformation, mystery, and emotional depth.

That said, they tend to be most compatible with Scorpio risings, as well as other the earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn, or another Taurus rising). But in order to get a full rundown of relationship compatibility, be sure to check out a synastry chart!

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