Tabu Prim Pillow: A Pillow For Less Pain During Sex

Most importantly, real users love this pillow.

One raves: “This made my 60+-year-old hips feel so much more comfortable when laying flat! It elevated me to improve my pelvic posture and made a remarkable difference in penetration and how I felt!” 

Her only regret? Not getting the Prim sooner (a common theme among reviewers).

The pillow is even helping people revisit positions they used to love. The same reviewer adds, “I’m going to try sitting on top again (once my favorite position) and see what happens, since I may get more knee support and less strain.”

Another says the Prim “makes everything feel so much better” in their back. Many praise the pillow’s high quality and design, noting that it’s the perfect size for many angles.

Arguably our favorite feedback about this sex-enhancing pillow is from a woman who swears the Prim “elevated (pun intended) our pleasure to an entirely different level.” She adds that the Prim made such a difference, her partner insisted on ordering another to have one at each place.

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