Should You Wash Your Vulva? What To Use & Avoid, From An OB-GYN

Some folks prefer to use a cleanser for this step, but not just any cleanser will do. “I recommend people with vaginas avoid cleaners with artificial fragrances or chemicals,” White explains. “This can lead to irritation of the vulva or infections like yeast or bacterial vaginosis,” she adds. 

White’s expert pick: “When using cleansers, stick to something gentle, like Honey Pot’s Sensitive Foaming Wash.” 

You can use the cleanser with or without a wash rag, and only use this product once daily when you’re in the shower. 

So while never cleansing this area can cause a buildup of dirt and sweat, over-cleansing is still possible—even if you have an infection. “Even if someone develops BV or yeast, there is no need to cleanse more often,” White notes. 

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