Save 20% On The Loftie Clock & Loftie Lamp

Story time: I hate the feeling of waking up to a blaring alarm. So much so that unless I had an absurdly early flight or meeting, I’d typically just roll the dice and let my body do its thing (i.e., wake up whenever it wanted to).

Still, my wake-ups remained fairly harsh. I’d typically scroll on my phone until I fell asleep, and I’d reach for it to check the time first thing in the morning (not exactly the healthiest way to sandwich your sleep). Even when I opted for a book before bed, I was reading in bright light that made it difficult for my body to wind down.

The Loftie Lamp changed all that. It has a sunset wind-down setting that gradually fades to help my body prepare for sleep and a dim hue that mimics the natural sunrise to wake me up. 

There’s even a “reading mode” bright enough to see the pages but not so harsh that it will interfere with your sleep. Plus, the chic, minimalist design looks so cute on my bedside table.

I love that I can choose from various sunrise hues inspired by real places (I rotate between Dubai and Tulum), and I really love that the lamp helps me wake up feeling more rested.

Of course, with this noticeable improvement in my wake-ups, I began researching other ways to improve my routine.

Enter the Loftie Clock, a device so soothing it shouldn’t even be called an alarm clock.

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