Pons Avarcas Editor Review: The Best Vacation Sandals

As someone who tries to travel light, packing footwear is always a challenge for me. Chunky heels may complete a nighttime look, but they’re way too bulky to be carry-on-friendly. Slim sandals may have the smallest footprint, but they often lack the support needed for sightseeing (unless they’re walking sandals).

So for this latest trip, I opted for my Pons Avarcas, which seemed like the ultimate solution to my footwear struggle, as they were compact and comfortable.

I was pleased to find the shoes took up minimal space. The malleable leather tops folded into the soles of the shoes, so they easily squeezed in between my clothes.

When I arrived at my destination and took the sandals out of my suitcase, the uppers bounced back to perfect form and were ready to go with pretty much every outfit I’d brought with me.

The classic, unfussy look of the lightweight leather shoes (I have them in light brown) paired nicely with sundresses, jeans, and shorts. I also traveled to a few different climates and found that they fit in as well on the beach as they did in a mountain town.

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