Master Numbers In Numerology: Understanding 11, 22 & 33

There are three instances when your life path number may not be a single-digit number, but rather a two-digit “master number.” Those numbers are 11, 22, and 33. If you calculated your life path number and it reduces to any of those three master numbers, you have a master number life path. (We’ll get into how to calculate yours shortly, if you haven’t already.)

Master numbers are associated with struggle but, with that, achievement as well, numerologist and author of You Are Cosmic Code, Kaitlyn Kaerhart explains. These numbers bear heavy energy, as well as heavier lessons, giving these folks a lot of depth and great potential, as well as a distinct, old soul quality.

According to Kaerhart, master numbers can be considered the master teachers in numerology who have an ability to bring about big change in the world.

“They tend to be late bloomers in life, as they enter this world with a considerable ego that they then must break down. Through extraordinary experiences they are able to gain the wisdom and clarity necessary to resonate deeply with others on their journey,” she explains, adding, “Fundamentally, they are here to wake humanity up to its most divine potential and purpose.”

And as spiritual author Anna-Karin Björklund, M.A. previously wrote for mindbodygreen, “All three master numbers have a very high-energy frequency, and it’s advisable to keep your thoughts positive and loving whenever any of them flow into your life.”

Kaerhart also notes that in order to have a master number as your life path, it’s believed that one must have mastered all the lessons associated with its single-digit counterpart over the course of many lifetimes. 11’s single-digit counterpart is 2, while 22’s is 4, and 33’s is 6. “Think of the master numbers as more intense versions of their single-digit counterparts,” she explains.

As an example, you might think 22 would reduce to four, or “the builder” life path—but 22 is actually like a supercharged 4, making them the “master architect.”

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