Life Path Number 3: What It Means For Your Job, Love Life & More

In their relationships, life path 3s sensitivity and empathy shine alongside their zest for life and enthusiasm about everything. They make for compassionate and expressive lovers, though they do tend to be quite flirty and charming, so have to be careful not to lead anyone on with their quintessential friendliness.

When they commit, they do appreciate a level of independence, so they’re not necessarily ones you’d expect to be clingy. However, they do place great importance on communication, and will prefer to talk things out than avoid difficult conversations.

They can also deal with a certain level of insecurity and self-esteem issues, so they may require reassurance from their partners from time to time, but generally speaking, these is a life path that just wants to have fun and “enjoy the ride” with their partner.

As far as numerological compatibility goes, 3s do best with other life path 3s, life path 6s, and life path 9s, and may also mesh well with life paths 1, 2, and 5.

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