I’m A Dietitian And Here’s Everything I Ate To Fuel For Eras Tour

So instead, I opted to take my favorite supplement—focus+—a little later in the day. 

focus+ delivers instant and sustained whole-body energy in just one capsule. It provides 150 milligrams of plant-sourced caffeine that comes without a crash. I also appreciate how it’s paired with guarana (a superfruit that’s known to elevate energy and mood) and l-theanine (which almost softens the edges of caffeine to keep you both relaxed and alert).*

I usually take focus+ midmorning to help me combat mental fatigue and the afternoon slump for work, but for the Eras Tour, I chose to take it around 3 pm for lasting energy later in the day.* 

And then on my way to the train, I munched on a granola bar for a convenient snack before being subjected to stadium food pricing. 

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