If Talking About Money Gives You Anxiety—This Specialist Has Advice For You

When it comes to wellness, most people think of things like diet, exercise, sleep, and self-care. But there is one (major) piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked: Financial well-being. Money is the top cause of stress among millennials in the U.S. And according to a 2022 study by Guardian, financial health has an even larger impact on well-being than emotional or physical health. But it doesn’t have to… 

Educating yourself, taking an active role in money management, and seeking out professional guidance from financial specialists such as the ones at Guardian, can all help to create the calm and confident financial future you dream of. 

We all have a relationship with money, and to help you make it a healthy one, we chatted with the founder of FinPowered, Victoria McGruder, CPA & CPWA––also known on Instagram as @finpoweredfemale

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