I Meditate Regularly But Nothing Beats This Stress Relief Supplement

Ever since, calm+ has been a game-changer for me. After a few weeks, I noticed that I became much more levelheaded and even-keeled, and my mood was generally more positive.* I wasn’t reacting to small things and hopefully provided better support to my colleagues and clients.* I also realized the clear advantages of taking hemp oil in a multi-ingredient complex—versus as a stand-alone form.* 

Along with European hemp oil that is full-spectrum and USDA plus E.U.-certified organic (meaning it adheres to the European Union’s strict organic and hemp quality standards), calm+ also contains two stress-easing super botanicals, lavender oil and ashwagandha extract, at clinically studied doses.*

I’m not a big supplement taker, and I’m pretty strict about what I put into my body. Knowing that this supplement went through rounds of testing and is made with pure, plant-derived ingredients made it easier for me to love this new product even more. 

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