How To Work With August’s New Moon In Leo, From Astrologers

This month’s new moon in Leo arrives Wednesday, August 16, at 5:38 a.m. EDT, and according to astrology expert Imani Quinn, we’re coming off an intense couple of weeks. We did just have the Lion’s Gate portal on August 8, remember, which Quinn says already kicked off a courageous and encouraging vibe.

Consider this new moon an additional dose of encouragement, Quinn explains, adding that the mantra for this new moon is very much, “Go big or go home and lead from the heart.” Anything you’ve been wanting to do, now is the time to do it.

And as the AstroTwins recently wrote for mindbodygreen, this moon will also bring a burst of creative, romantic energy, offering a fresh start to any of your romantic or self-expressive endeavors.

“In this new moon cycle, it’s allowing us to evaluate our relationship dynamics and our relationship with abundance and finances,” Quinn says, noting, “So pay attention to what new things want to open up for you, specifically thinking about relationship dynamics and your relationship to abundance.”

Another thing worth mentioning, according to Quinn, is that this new moon will be forming a square to Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes and revolution, as well as a trine to Chiron, the “wounded healer” of astrology. In simple terms, the message with those aspects is to expect the unexpected and be prepared for relationship wounds to surface. (Venus is still retrograde, after all!)

“Anything you do needs to be done from a place of self-love right now,” Quinn says, adding that we’re also in Mercury retrograde’s shadow period before it officially begins next week, so mind your communication as well.

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