How To Use Glycolic Acid On The Scalp, Face & Body, From A Derm

In a second video, Adel reviews a tip from content creator @Natakochn, who applies glycolic acid on the scalp to ease oily roots. 

Adel notes that glycolic acid can help reduce sebum on the scalp, which naturally results in less greasy roots. She notes that this ingredient also removes product buildup and exfoliates flakes on the scalp. Adel recommends using the product on your scalp only once a week before you wash your hair

Given everyone has different tolerances for chemical exfoliants, like glycolic acid, start using it once a week for whatever benefit you desire and work your way up, should your skin be able to handle it. 

On that note, if you notice any irritation, itch, or tenderness, stop using the exfoliant immediately. Glycolic acid isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK! Even if you can usually tolerate an acid-infused toner, the sensitive skin under your arms or on your scalp may beg to differ. Always listen to what your skin is trying to tell you.

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