How To Apply Lipstick So It Won’t Smudge In the Heat

To keep lipstick from smearing and sliding, lip liner is your best friend. Lip liners are waxier, sturdier formulas that keep the more malleable lipstick within the bounds. They’re a bright lip’s best friend—especially on a hot summer day. 

And you can make your lip liner work even harder with the strategic help of some concealer—with a trick called double-lining. 

First lightly apply concealer around the lips, and blend it in shading outward. This creates something of an outside barrier, which you’ll then work inside with your lip liner. 

As for the lipliner itself, find a product that matches the lipstick of choice. Or if you’re going for a no-makeup makeup look, grab one that matches your lip shade or one darker. Trace along just the outside of your natural lip line, carving the desired shape. Then lightly fill in the lips with the waxy pencil.   

“This creates a base color so that when any lipstick or gloss applied on top of it wears away, you still have a nice color and shape left,” makeup artist Jenny Patinkin told us about applying lip products in order. 

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