How To Apply Concealer On Deep-Set Eyes, From Makeup Artists

To put it simply, deep-set eyes are set further back in the eye socket (hence, the name). The sunken appearance typically makes the brow bone more prominent and the eyes larger. 

Because the eyes are set deeper in the skull, they can also create a strong natural shadow underneath—which often makes dark circles more apparent. 

“Deep-set eyes can have a crease underneath them that looks kind of like a shadow stripe, but it’s just in the inner corner where the orbital bone recesses,” explains makeup artist Jenny Patinkin. “If your crease is very pronounced, almost like it’s tucked back into your orbital area, then you have deep-set eyes.”

As for what causes this appearance, we can chalk it all up to genetics. “Deep set eyes are simply another eye shape (i.e., hooded eyes, almond eyes, etc.),” says celebrity makeup artist Misha Shahzada. However, lifestyle factors—like lack of sleep, dehydration, and natural aging—can make the shape more pronounced. And as you lose bone and fat around the orbital bone with age, the eyes can appear even more sunken. 

Generally, though, you can consider deep-set eyes another beautifully unique eye shape. And just like with the rest of the eye shapes, you can rely on strategic tips to enhance your own set of orbs. Like, say, a seamless concealer application: If you have deep-set eyes, take note of these expert tips below. 

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