Does Face Taping Actually Reduce Wrinkles? Plus, Other Options

In the clip, Youn reacts to another video from content creator, @likalifestylee, sharing positive results from using the patches on her forehead lines. 

The results from consistent use show less movement on the forehead area when the user raises her brows, hinting at a similar effect to Botox.

While they may not work like the aforementioned skin treatment, that doesn’t mean face taping is useless. In fact, tape can be extremely helpful for expression wrinkles, like those in the original video. “They can act as a reminder for you not to crinkle those muscles that create those lines,” Youn says. 

The less often you move those facial muscles, the smoother your wrinkles will appear over time. That being said, they’re more beneficial for dynamic wrinkles than simply age-related fine lines. 

However, be sure to test the tape on a small patch of skin before applying all over, just to ensure you don’t have sensitivity to the adhesives.

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