Do You Feel Confident About Your Vagina? After This Expert’s Advice, You Will

“A negative relationship with your vagina and sex go hand in hand and both can lead to sadness, anxiousness, and even a dampened mood. Making sure your vagina feels good is crucial to enjoying your sexuality,” explained Dr. Sheeva. Sexual desire, in particular, is driven by your hormones and the brain. “Stress and feelings of anxiousness can kill the libido.”

Whether it’s vaginal shame or the millions of other things we have going on, it can be hard to turn off the noise when our partner comes at us with that lustful look in their eyes. But if you’re having trouble getting in the mood, there are supplements that can help to rev the engine a bit. For instance, OLLY’s Lovin’ Libido contains a powerful blend of botanicals that help to boost desire, enhance arousal, and even support sexual satisfaction in women.* And yes, they offer a subscription option (please and thank you). 

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