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With so many beauty brands clamoring for a spot in your go-to makeup arsenal, sometimes there is one that manages to push through, offering something so unique that it’s difficult to ignore. Lately, that’s been Gee Beauty, a multigenerational beauty brand founded by makeup artist Miriam Gee and her three daughters, Natalie Gee, Celene Gee, and Stephanie Gee, nearly 20 years ago.

Known for their makeup that is specifically designed to move with you and your skin, the Gees has accomplished something that many of the most-popular beauty brands have struggled to achieve: meeting the makeup needs of women at every age and at every phase. “We each represent our own demographics and embrace each stage of life,” says the family matriarch.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Gee Beauty’s makeup combines the appeal of clean, easy-to-use products with hero skin-care ingredients. “Many of our products have hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ceremides, licorice root, and SPF 20 in our beloved Prime Skin. We’re always wanting to ensure that the makeup has beauty boosting properties,” the Gees write in an email. “It’s always been about skin first for us, so even our focus in the makeup category is about highlighting beautiful skin,” adds Natalie.

What does ‘move-with-you’ makeup mean, exactly?

Gee Beauty’s “Move With You” makeup refers to a makeup philosophy and approach that emphasizes lightweight, adaptable products that seamlessly blend into the skin, allowing for natural movement and a comfortable wear throughout the day. It’s designed to enhance one’s natural beauty while providing a fresh and effortless look. The focus is on creating a flawless complexion with lightweight foundations, tinted moisturizers, or BB creams that allow the skin to breathe, allowing for effortless application, natural movement, and a fresh, radiant look that lasts. Gee products typically have a sheer to medium coverage, ensuring that the skin looks natural and not overly masked.

In addition, “Move with You” makeup involves using multi-purpose products that can be easily blended and layered for a customizable finish. This approach encourages versatility and adaptability, allowing individuals to achieve various looks using the same products. For example, a cream blush or lip tint can be used on both the cheeks and lips, providing a harmonious and cohesive makeup look.

The brand’s product philosophy promotes long-lasting formulas that stay in place without feeling heavy or restrictive. They’re often formulated with lightweight, breathable textures that minimize creasing, smudging, or fading throughout the day, ensuring that the makeup stays fresh and comfortable even during active movements.

Beyond their unique makeup, Gee Beauty has evolved into a lifestyle brand with multiple offerings in two locations—Toronto and Miami—which offer skin treatments and services such as brow shaping or makeup lessons, as well as an opportunity to try out their products in real life. “Since conception, we always wanted to offer an edited collection of the world’s best skin care, alongside the service offering,” says Celene. “We want to empower everyone to create and maintain their own beauty routines and have the understanding and education to care for themselves and their skin.”

Gee Beauty’s core beauty philosophy is simple, yet powerful: “We’re all about highlighting our unique attributes and giving the knowledge and education and confidence to really own it,” says Celene.

Here are some of our top picks from the Gee Beauty line

Prime Skin — $58.00

Their unofficial signature product, but perhaps the most well-known and most revered item from the line (and a fave of Kim Cattrall’s), is this hybrid skin-tint with a subtle glow. Referred to as “no makeup-makeup,” the product offers light coverage, and when applied, leaves the skin with a soft, blurry, natural finish. This easy-to-wear, breathable, and weightless skin-tint has flexible color technology that adapts and warms to your skin tone, so while it’s only available in seven shades, it can be worn by a multitude of skin tones.

“This is my Monday to Friday in-place-of-foundation,” says Natalie. “I wear shade 5 and apply three pumps for long-lasting yet lightweight coverage. On the weekends I mix Prime Skin into my favorite moisturizer and use about two pumps for a lighter, more natural look. When I want even more of a glow, I add in one pump of our Liquid Glow sheer highlighting fluid.”

Liquid Glow — $36.00

Liquid Glow is a personal favorite of mine because it’s a versatile product that adds a luminous and dewy glow to the skin, perfect for highlighting and enhancing the natural radiance of the face. It can be worn on its own or mixed in with their signature Prime Skin Tinted Multi-Primer, and the brand is about to launch a new shade called 02 that will have more of a bronzy glow, compared to 01, which is more golden.

Brightening Concealer — $38.00

Touted as a multi-purpose brightener and hydrator, this concealer improves skin texture and leaves your skin looking radiant. In terms of texture, it’s creamy and provides medium, long-wear coverage, and is available in seven brightening shades.

“My daily go-to,” says Natalie. “Very brightening, lightweight, and buildable. The wand allows for precise application and blends so well with our Blender Brush.” Meanwhile, Miriam loves to mix in Liquid Glow with brightening concealer. “I apply this under my eyes, on my cheekbones and above my lip area to give my skin a soft, subtle, luminous glow,” she says.

Color Sticks — $34.00

Gee Beauty Color Sticks come in eight shades and are an assortment of blush and contour colors that triple as eye and lip colors. Creamy and smooth, they are some of my favorite Gee Beauty products—both the ease of application and how blendable they are impress me, not to mention that they’re long lasting. Their two most-popular colors are Richbeam and Blushbeam: “Our deep contour Color Stick [in Richbeam] gives incredible definition and smoothes and blends perfectly into a multitude of skin tones,” says Natalie. And, “[Blushbeam is] the perfect dusty rose blush stick you can wear on your cheeks, lips, and eyes,” she adds.

Warm Glow Baked Bronzing Powder — $38.00

“A light peachy bronzing powder you can also wear as eyeshadow,” says Natalie, this easy-to-apply baked bronzer is super lightweight and has a silky and subtle pearl like finish.

The Multi Mascara — $32.00

A clean mascara that provides all-day buildable wear and six different results: “It lengthens, curls, lifts, defines, separates, and volumizes,” says Natalie.

Creamy Lip Define Pencil — $26.00

Different from your typical lip pencil, this 12-shade lip liner collection is smooth, blendable, and won’t feather for up to seven hours. “Our lip liners are beautiful gel pencils that are creamy, long-wear and super-nourishing. Major is the perfect deep pinky nude,” says Natalie. Finish the look with a Gee Beauty lipstick, gloss, or lip mask.

Rose Lip Mask — $30.00

A favorite of the Gee women and seen in many of their GRWM videos on social media, the Rose Lip Mask is perfect on its own or on top of liner and/or your favorite Gee Beauty lip color. It not only softens and moisturizes, but it melts from a creamy balm into silky oil giving your lips an extra umph.

“I really focus on my lips, they’ve always been a favorite feature and for me really shows glamor and hydration,” says Miriam. “It’s old school for me since I was an on-set makeup artist. If the lips were done, the look was there.”

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