Cloud RO Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Stops PFAs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new limits for PFAs in drinking water earlier this year—but until the government steps in, you’ll have to deal with your PFAs yourself by installing a water filter.

The right filtration system for you depends on the contaminants in your water, which can be found using the Environmental Working Group (EWGs) tap water database. Once you know what you need to filter out, you can find the right water filter for your concerns.

If your main contaminants are PFAs, then you’ll want to go with a reverse osmosis system.

Considered one of the most effective water filters, they use a combination of a carbon filter and a semipermeable membrane to remove even the tiniest of particles. This includes both metal and chemical contaminants, such as arsenic, lead, fluoride, phosphorus, and (you guessed it) PFAS. 

Erik D. Olson, a senior strategic director with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), previously told mindbodygreen, “[reverse osmosis filters] will filter out virtually everything from your water, to the point where you actually might want to add back some things, like salts or minerals, to give it some taste.”

That’s where the Cloud RO really shines.

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