Casper Nova Hybrid Review, Tested & Medically Reviewed

Motion transfer: 5/5

Testing out motion isolation allows us to understand better how much motion transfer occurs when you move around the bed. A bed with minimal motion transfer is especially excellent for light sleepers—less motion transfer makes for a more peaceful sleep.

To test this out, testers placed a glass jar of matcha on the bed as they walked on the mattress toward the glass. The more the glass is disturbed, the more motion the bed transfers. We found the Nova has excellent motion isolation.

This is great news for those who share a bed with a partner who tosses and turns, or for people who allow their pets to sleep alongside them.

Responsiveness: 3/5

Responsiveness refers to how springy the mattress’s surface feels, which helps show how easy it is to switch positions throughout the night. We found that the Nova Hybrid had very little bounce, which makes sense since it’s crafted from layers of body-hugging foam. A less responsive mattress may be harder to move around on, but it does offer better pressure relief.

Pressure Relief: 5/5

We tested out how pressure relieving this mattress is by observing how much the 32-pound weight sinks in once placed on the bed’s surface, and how our testers feel when laying in different positions on the mattress.

The mattress really cradled the weight, which helps showcase how much pressure relief it offers. When our testers lay on the bed, they felt cradled and supported in all sleep positions.

Edge Support: 3/5

Good edge support makes all the difference when choosing a mattress. It helps prevent sliding or slipping off the bed, and contributes to the overall longevity of the design.

To try out this bed’s edge support, we had testers lay down on the edges of the mattress in a few different sleeping positions. This helped us learn whether or not the bed feels supportive when sprawling out on it.

Like other memory foam hybrids, the Nova Hybrid has okay edge support. The coils add some extra support to the edges, but the bed’s soft memory foam layers are too plush to offer true support.

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