Cariuma IBI Low Sneakers Review, From An Editor

While, yes, I prioritize comfort and support, I wouldn’t wear these if they didn’t look good, too. I love a chunky shoe, but this sleek, minimalist design works with just about every outfit (jeans, dresses, athleisure, you name it). They come in a slew of colorways (17 to be exact), but I’m partial to the crisp white.

What’s more, my pair is surprisingly just as white as the day I opened the box. When they inevitably do get dirty, these sneakers can be thrown directly in the wash.

My only warning? The Cariuma IBIs sell out quickly. I get compliments every time I wear these (read: daily), and tend to deal with disappointed friends who wait too long to order a pair for themselves. The brand recently replenished stock, but I wouldn’t waffle over your purchase for too long.

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