Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket Review + 15% Off

After testing a few of the best infrared sauna blankets, I landed on Bon Charge, mainly because it seemed to heat up significantly faster than others. 

Even compared to a similar brand with the same 176-degree Fahrenheit maximum temperature, this blanket feels noticeably warmer. I don’t sweat easily, but I wind up drenched every time I use it. I swear I can feel the toxins leaving my body.

Speaking of toxins, I love knowing this blanket is free of them. It’s made from a premium, non-toxic PU leather with a durable velcro closure that allows me to customize the fit to my body (which is part of how it stays so warm and toasty).

Over the past six months, the Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket has become an integral part of my self-care regimen. Three to five days per week, I set aside 45 minutes to relax inside the sleeping bag-style design. 

Since implementing this into my recovery routine, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in stress—and I actually feel so much healthier on the days I use the blanket. Plus, I swear my skin has more of a glow to it.

Arguably the most standout result of my sauna blanket sessions, though, is the impact they’ve had on my sleep scores and health metrics. I’m a bit obsessive with my Oura ring, and the first time I used my Bon Charge Sauna Blanket I was floored to see a monumental spike in my heart rate variability (HRV).

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