Blue Apron Vs. Green Chef: Which Meal Kit Service Is Best?

Green Chef’s signup is similar to other meal kit delivery services, but leaps and bounds simpler to filter by dietary needs. You’ll always have access to all 30 weekly recipes, but you can set your preferences to gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, keto, Mediterranean, plant-based, and more so you’ll see the most relevant recipes first. If your preferences change, you can access and update them at any time in your account settings.

Green Chef menu categories:

Keto & paleo: high-protein and lower-carb recipes that exclude gluten, grains, soy, and legumes

Vegetarian: meatless, plant-based recipes (may include some animal products like dairy and eggs)

Fast & fit: calorie-conscious recipes that can be prepared in 25 minutes or less

Vegan: recipes exclude all animal products, featuring vegetables and plant-based proteins

Mediterranean: Mediterranean-inspired recipes featuring lots of vegetables and healthy fats

Gluten free: recipes that feature gluten-free and soy-free ingredients

Once your profile is set up, meals will be recommended for you and you can easily swap them out for other recipes by exploring the weekly menu options. You’ll be able to filter recipes by dietary needs, minimal prep time, adventurous recipes, calories, and so on.

Note: When you register, you’ll automatically be enrolled for weekly delivery—which you can cancel at any time. You can edit your delivery to every other week or once a month. From there, you can skip weeks at any time. After reading reviews, customers seem to be impressed with the overall quality of the ingredients that arrived in their boxes. Fresh and unbruised produce and uncracked eggs? We love to see it.

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