Best Running Shoes For Beginners + Podiatrist Recommendations

It’s no secret that running offers remarkable advantages for our physical well-being, mental state, and longevity. In fact, we wrote a whole article with 13 studies that show that running is definitely good for you. It’s clear that running can help fend of depression and Alzheimer’s Disease, but an astounding amount of research also shows that running can slow aging.

A study from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that older runners had fewer disabilities, a longer life span, and were half as likely to die an early death3 when compared to aging non-runners. They also found that running slowed cardiovascular deaths and was associated with fewer deaths from neurological disease, infections, and even cancer.

According to Brenner, engaging in long-distance running contributes significantly to improved circulation, which, in turn, serves as a preventive measure against chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, it bolsters bone health and fosters a more positive mood. This particular research study1 has indicated that regular running can extend one’s life by around three years.

Equipping yourself with the appropriate long-distance running shoes can have many important benefits, including better posture, reduced impact on your joints, and a decreased risk of injury. All of these factors collectively contribute to your ability to sustain a long-term running routine, thereby enhancing your overall longevity.

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