Best Rocker Bottom Shoes Of 2023 Per Podiatrist Guidelines

On a recent episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, longevity-focused physician, Peter Attia, M.D., spoke about the importance of daily movement for health and longevity, calling exercise the pathway to a healthier heart.

Research backs this, too. One study showed that just one or two moderate- or vigorous-intensity activity per week could reduce the risk of dying2 from cardiovascular disease (40%), cancer (18%), or something else (30%), when compared with inactive individuals.

Of course, if your shoes are putting you at risk of injury, it could hinder your ability to perform even leisurely activities.

Rocker bottom shoes are designed to lessen the impact on the foot when it hits the ground, so cushioning is important, per Kornfeld. It’s reasonable to say that the shoes we use to run and walk can increase or decrease the stress up the leg, into the low back, and throughout the rest of the body.

“The amount of cushioning or support you need in your shoe will depend on individual biomechanical factors, the type of surfaces being run on, and the amount of mileage per run,” Kornfeld adds.

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