August 2023 Wellness Horoscope for Each Sign

This month, we can take forward strides—toward growth and progress—only if we look backward, as the cosmos would have it. Not only is Venus retrograde (aka moving in an apparent backward orbit) for the entire month, but also, communication and travel planet Mercury begins its own apparent backspin on August 23. Learning to take a beat and slow down in tandem with the planets will be a part of every zodiac sign’s August 2023 wellness horoscope.

Indeed, pushing forward or charging ahead on new projects is bound to cause unnecessary frustrations and snafus this month. Instead, honor the current celestial retrogrades by re-evaluating what you value (as an ode to Venus retrograde) and reconsidering your communication strategies (in honor of Mercury retrograde).

In particular, I suggest embracing the “as above, so below” axiom: As the planets are retracing their steps, do so as well, turning to the past to discover treasures that will help you redefine what progress means and how to achieve it. Especially at the end of the month, in that window when both planets are retrograde, remember how powerful it can be to pause, take a time out, and move in a leisurely fashion.

As the planets are retracing their steps, do so as well, turning to the past to discover treasures that will help you redefine what progress means and how to achieve it.

Also on the celestial marquee this month is the Venus cazimi occurring on August 13, referring to the day when Venus comes into its closest conjunction with the sun. A cazimi alignment is thought to dial up the energy of the planet in question—and in the case of love-planet Venus, that means we can expect to be showered with opportunities to feel pleasure and experience beauty (yes, even as Venus retrogrades). Given that this planetary tryst occurs in heart-centered Leo, we’re also invited to see how life expands when we lead with the heart, share generously, commune with creativity, and connect with art.

Just note that August is also bookended by full moons, with the Aquarius full moon on August 1 and the Pisces one on August 30. That means we could uncover new information that puts an end to an old cycle or otherwise forces a change in our perspective—and the experience could be energetically draining. Once again, it’s a smart idea to slow down for a bit, and consider how the things being revealed now can serve as beacons of understanding, lighting a new path forward.

Exactly how all of these celestial happenings will affect you and your well-being, in particular, is connected to your personal astrology. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to discover your August 2023 wellness horoscope, and pick up star-sanctioned tips to help you feel your very best this month.

August 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

With your planetary ruler Mars spending most of the month in your sixth astrological house of well-being, it’s a powerful time to harness any desires you might have to boost your fitness, Aries. On August 16, consider shaking up your fitness regimen, as Mars makes a harmonious trine to innovative Uranus.

Toward the end of the month, you could also gain access to a deeper level of dedication as Mars aligns with transformative Pluto; you could also benefit from teaming up with a friend or seeking out an accountability partner on your fitness journey when the planet enters your seventh house of partnerships.

Wellness tip: When setting any fitness- or wellness-oriented goal for the month, make sure to build in small milestones along the way, so that the part of you that cherishes short-term achievements will feel satisfied.


Given Venus is your planetary ruler, its cazimi (aka conjunction with the sun) on August 13 is sure to light up your life, Taurus. Take the time to focus on your relationships, reveling in the ones that bring you delight and identifying issues to resolve in those that pose challenges. Because the cazimi happens in your fourth house of familial roots, it’s also an auspicious moment to connect with family members as well as find ways to enhance your home environment.

Just be aware that things could get a bit shaky for you toward the end of the month as renegade Uranus shifts retrograde in your sign on August 28. You could be surprised by something that happens—or you might feel an urge to surprise others.

Wellness tip: One way to honor Venus’s call to connect with family is by writing a handwritten note to a beloved relative.


As the month begins, it’s a good idea to move slowly, Gemini. Your planetary ruler Mercury forms a tense opposition to structured Saturn, making things feel uncomfortably languid. But around August 9, your energy and focus will likely return in full force, as Mercury forms a harmonious trine to expansive Jupiter.

You’ll want to take this opportunity to set new plans in motion before Mercury retrogrades on August 23, inspiring you to find new ways to get in touch with your emotions. Rather than barreling ahead at your typical pace, heed the cosmic invitation to turn inward.

Wellness tip: Practice non-dominant handwriting as a way to slow down and become more intimate with the feelings that reside below the surface of your conscious mind.


The new moon in Leo on August 16 could usher in a new chapter related to your money matters, Cancer, as it occurs in your second house of financial resources. Whether it’s revamping your budgeting approach, surveying opportunities for investment, or working on your pitch for a promotion at work, you could find yourself focusing on ways to enhance your earning potential or financial status. Be open to ideas that seem unconventional in this realm or that feature innovative approaches you hadn’t considered; after all, renegade Uranus will form a potent square with the new moon.

Wellness tip: Think about your “money story” or the narrative you tell yourself about money, and consider where it comes from and whether it might be holding you back. Learning which of the eight money archetypes you most closely embody can be a good jumping-off point for this introspection.


You have major star power this month, Leo. Naturally, the month kicks off in Leo season with the sun in your sign, but also, the Venus cazimi on August 13 occurs in your sign, too, gifting you with an extra dose of shimmer and sparkle. Your enhanced glow could draw people toward you as you move through the world with an open heart and a joyous outlook.

Just days later, on August 16, the new moon arrives in your sign, too, and with that, so does a powerful opportunity to feel proud of yourself for who you are and what you’ve done. Given that this lunation connects to unexpected Uranus, be open to flashes of insight that spark your creativity and show you how to be more generous with yourself.

Wellness tip: To further embrace the sparkle bestowed upon you by the cosmos this month, wear some glittery make-up or give your hair a deep-conditioning treatment.


As a lover of details, you appreciate being able to plan ahead, Virgo. So, here’s something to plan for: The upcoming Mercury retrograde, which begins August 23, occurs in your sign. And with that, you can expect that the third week of the month may feature more than its fair share of delays, disruptions, and redirections.

Remembering that nothing needs to be perfect—because perfection doesn’t exist for humans—should help you navigate these days with more clarity and less stress. That said, Mercury retrograde in your sign doesn’t have to be a bad thing; rather, it’s a three-week period during which you can discover new communication strategies to both know yourself better and share this knowledge with others.

Wellness tip: If you find yourself becoming frustrated that things are not moving forward at the speed you like, try adding a few drops of Impatiens flower essence to your water bottle each day of the retrograde.


Ever the romantic, you may be thrilled to learn of the lovey-dovey Venus cazimi on August 13, Libra. It’s a time to revel in the beauty and pleasure that comes with positive social engagements—particularly given that this conjunction occurs in your 11th house of community.

Spending time with friends or groups of like-minded people may yield rewards beyond the here and now. When intense Mars enters your sign on August 27, you’ll also be able to access more energy and passion with which to champion a cause that’s near and dear to your heart.

Wellness tip: Because getting involved in your community or with a charitable organization can give you a serious boost this month, you’d be wise to spend some time researching orgs that align with your values.


Given that your traditional planetary ruler Mars will spend most of August in your 11th house of community, gathering together with others—notably those that share your visions and values—will provide you with extra delight this month, Scorpio. On August 16, as Mars makes a supportive connection to innovative Uranus, introducing a friend or partner to a group of friends could open up your world in unexpected ways.

Also, mark August 24 as one of your power days: It’s when Mars makes a flowing trine to Pluto, your modern-day planetary ruler. You’ll have an extra dose of energy to get things done.

Wellness tip: Arrange a social gathering that features an array of friends who don’t know one another. The meet-up could prove serendipitous and turn friends-of-friends into full-on friends in their own right.


You tend to err on the side of being overly optimistic, Sagittarius, and that’s just who you are. But on August 6, when your planetary ruler Jupiter forms a tense square to the sun, be sure that you don’t overshoot your aim—or consider only the promise of a new venture or project without exploring its realistic potential.

You’ll have more luck finding your flow or gathering important information that could help you gain forward momentum in your career on August 9. But as Venus makes a tough square to Jupiter on August 22, pause to consider how a friend, colleague, or partner may be holding you back from experiencing the growth you’re seeking.

Wellness tip: Given that sharpening your aim is the name of your game this month, try shooting a basketball, playing cornhole, throwing a game of darts, or engaging in another activity that requires you to focus on avoiding both under- and over-shooting.


Be especially attentive to what others have to say as the month begins, Capricorn. While, on the surface, it may seem like what they are sharing is at odds with your viewpoint, looking a bit further may reveal something of great value.

As your planetary ruler Saturn forms a tough opposition with the sun on August 27, your normal go-to mode of burning the candle at both ends may more quickly lead you to burn out. So, pace yourself. Also, if someone’s boldness, pride, or creative flair seems to rub you the wrong way, see how that feeling may be a portal to understanding something about yourself.

Wellness tip: Exercising outside, especially when the sun is shining, may give you that boost of grounding energy that you need.


With the full moon in Aquarius kicking off the month and turning your attention to your inner world, you could find yourself more aware of just what it is that you need on an emotional level, Aquarius. Be especially thoughtful as you communicate these needs (or boundaries) to others in order to avoid disappointment.

As your planetary ruler Uranus gets set to shift retrograde on August 28, everything may feel more electric, and you could have the urge to shake things up. Given this action takes place in your fourth house of home, a great way to honor this clarion call for change is to do a little redecorating or spend some time on a DIY project.

Wellness tip: Pick a room (or two), and move the furniture around, observing how the new arrangement shifts the energy, mood, or functionality of your space.


You could find yourself in the mood for bonding this month, Pisces. Your traditional planetary ruler Jupiter forms a supportive connection with communication-oriented Mercury on August 9, revealing new insights or information that could help you deepen your relationship with a friend, partner, or colleague. Just be careful not to over-promise or over-commit to this person; on August 22, Jupiter forms a tough square with Venus, adding some tension to matters of the heart.

The last day of August, however, features the yearly Pisces full moon, a lunation that invites you to tune into what you need and how you can feel more fulfilled. Make time to celebrate yourself by engaging in nurturing, soul-nourishing activities.

Wellness tip: Dance… or otherwise move your body with abandon. Whether you want to celebrate life, express positive emotions like joy, or find a way to move through negative feelings like grief, dancing can be a great elixir for you this month.

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