Apollo Neuro Review, From A Health Editor

When I first attached the Apollo Neuro to my T-shirt, I felt a sense of comfort that was unique compared to other ease-inducing devices, supplements, or practices that I’ve tried before. 

It’s like my mind can finally stop buzzing because something on my body is already buzzing. The situation reminds me of listening to piano music while working; the vibrations eliminate the space for random thoughts, keeping me in the zone. I found that wearing this device helped stop cyclical chatter in the back of my mind, which was preventing me from really calming down before. 

Given my success with the relaxation function, I was doubtful the same device could be used to enhance focus—but it did just that. When the “focus” vibe is selected, the vibration intensity and speed are kicked up just a bit, lighting a fire to my motivation. 

The “fall asleep” vibe is another favorite—an incredibly gentle, oddly comforting vibration that really does assist in the process of dozing off. 

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