Actress Vanessa Hudgens’ Top Beauty Products & Recommendations

There’s no doubt about it: actress and entrepreneur Vanessa Hudgens is a certified beauty gal. This isn’t hard to deduce. Just take one look at her glowing skin, lush, shiny hair, or impeccable makeup, and you can immediately gather that she’s a treasure trove of tips and product recommendations.

In case you need further convincing, may I present to you Hudgens’ answers to our As Of Late questionnaire. Not only is it filled with gold-star beauty recommendations, it’s clear that she luxuriates in the process of beauty as well. From a moment of pause after washing her face to applying a luxe eye cream, Hudgens is there for the experience—not just the aesthetic outcome. 

“I have learned to really take time to care for myself, whether that’s a candlelit bath or doing a face mask with some positive self talk,” she says. “Little luxurious moments that you can create for yourself lead to a happier you.”

I think this ethos is pretty evident in her beauty line, KNOW beauty. The brand launched with a purifying mask called the Glacial Bay Clay Mask. Their newest (and second) product is the Arctic Gold Vitamin C Mask. Two masks that are not only about offering targeted solutions, but are meant to be enjoyed when you wear them. Not to mention: the masks are clean, fueled by natural ingredients, and formulated by iconic clean beauty developer Mary Berry

So what does Hudgens have in her current beauty lineup? Read on to find out. 

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