Abs Express

Join Coach Neesha for a quick and effective core workout that will fire up your front abdominals, obliques and deep core muscles to support better posture and alignment in less than 20 minutes!

Coach Neesha is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Team Betty Rocker Coach.

Did you know just about every movement we make involves our core muscles? This is why we want to train the entire core (meaning all the way around, not just the front abs), and focus on core engagement in all the workouts that we do.

You can pretty much count on all of my workouts to strengthen your core plus improve your balance and stability. But when it comes to “seeing your abs” remember that it’s the actions you take around your workouts (plus your workouts) that drive the results you see.

While targeted training for a specific muscle group helps to strengthen those muscles, fat loss is systemic. For both fat loss and muscle growth we need to surround our workouts with healthy habits that create an optimal state in the body for our desired outcomes to occur.

I’m talking about how we fuel around our workouts, how we rest and recover, how we manage our stress and show up for our workouts prepared, not depleted.

Train smarter, not harder and stay consistent with your 4 Pillars of Health! It all adds up and makes a difference. Now join Coach Neesha and let’s get after it!

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Power Core Express

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Equipment: Optional elevated surface
Format: Perform 3 rounds for recommended time.

Cross Cross Side Side (0:45)

  • Begin by standing tall with your feet hip distance apart, core braced, and chest upright.
  • With your hands behind your head and elbows wide, twist your torso and use your core to drive your right knee up and across to tap your left elbow. Be mindful that you are keeping your chest upright.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Now draw your right knee up to tap your right elbow for an oblique crunch and repeat on your left side.
  • Continue alternating crossing both knees to touch opposite elbows and laterally crunching same side knees to elbows for allotted time.

Knee Jump Ins (0:30)

  • Begin in a tall plank position with shoulders stacked over wrists, braced core, back flat and neutral gaze (not looking up or down).
  • Momentarily jump your feet in close to your hands, using your core to stabilize your torso and pelvis, minimizing the lift of your hips.
  • Jump your feet back to a tall plank position.
  • Repeat for allotted time.
  • MOD: Complete the jump ins with your hands planted on an elevated surface (bench/couch/chair) instead of the mat and/or make this move low impact by performing a slow mountain climber, alternating drawing knees in towards the chest.

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Leg Raise to Toe Reach (0:45)

  • Begin lying on your back with your knees bent, feet planted, and core braced so that your lower back is making gentle contact with the mat.
  • Place your hands behind your head without pulling on your neck, using your core to lift your shoulders off of the mat and extend your legs out long to a hover.
  • Keeping your pelvis grounded, lift your extended legs above your hips and reach your right hand up to touch your left toes/ankle, then your left hand to your right toes/ankle.
  • With control, lower and extend your body back to the starting position of hovered shoulders and legs.
  • Be mindful to not strain your neck by keeping your head in a neutral position (not looking up or down) and repeat for allotted reps.
  • MOD: Keep your legs bent and gently tap your toes to the mat instead of fully extending them.

Side Plank Hip Dip (0:30 each side)

  • Begin on the mat with your left hand or elbow planted directly under your left shoulder, core braced, hips stacked, and both legs extended so that your body is in a straight line.
  • With your right arm reaching towards the ceiling, press away through the left arm and leg to lift your hips off of the mat, feeling the engagement in your left obliques.
  • Lower your hips back towards the mat with control, being mindful of not collapsing through your left shoulder and keeping your shoulders and hips stacked.
  • Repeat for allotted time and switch sides.
  • MOD: Bend and place the bottom knee on the mat for the duration of this move.

How do you feel after that workout? Check in with Coach Neesha and me and let us know how you liked it!

Results don’t happen overnight but it’s the actions you take consistently over time that add up to the big changes in your health, energy and physique. ❤

I love how Meg really pulls so many principles we discuss together in this post she shared in Rock Your Life, where she’s pointing out her body composition changes and how the expectation of our weight on the scale doesn’t really reflect what we think it will.

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