A Celebrity Makeup Artist’s Trick To Lift The Brow Area

First thing’s first: Comb those hairs. “Use a clean mascara spoolie and brush your eyebrows upward,” she notes. Your brow hair naturally becomes more sparse over time, but combing them upward can help you pinpoint any noticeable gaps. 

Feel free to fill those in if you’d like, or run a tinted brow gel through those hairs as you comb them through. As Restrepo says, “You can use an eyebrow tint with a spoolie if you want to darken the area, but don’t go too dark—doing so will make the eyebrows stand out too much.” 

Next, grab your concealer du jour (our favorites here, if you’re in the market for a new formula). “Once eyebrows are going upward, you can add a light dotting of concealer in the arch of your brow to make the brow appear lifted,” Restrepo says. “Blend it lightly with your fingers.” You could also use highlighter, if you want a little more shine; the key is to bring the attention right underneath the center of your brow, which will help it appear higher. 

As a general rule: Lighter hues bring forth an area, while darker tones recede. So by tapping on a shade lighter than your natural skin tone (be it concealer or a proper highlighter), you center that focus and make the eyes pop. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can tap that same highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes—this further opens up the orbs and makes you appear wide-awake. 

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