8 Common Responses To Grief & How They Manifest, From A Therapist

The Mover Rhythm is just about that: moving. This can be going on long runs alone, attending exercise classes, working longer hours, running endless errands, staying out of your house, or anything that keeps you busy.

People in this rhythm are uniquely game to feel grief, experiencing and processing its feelings through the body’s movement. If you’re a Mover, the need to “talk” about it feels less important, but the grief is a tab in the background, always running and processing new information.¬†

To know if you’re truly a Mover or if you’re in avoidance mode, simply notice how the loss is allowed to be present¬†while you are in movement. For those who are Movers, you are not consciously avoiding the loss experience but rather internalizing, processing, and integrating while also avoiding the intense emotions and sensations that can arise at any given moment.

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