5 Ways To Keep Up With Healthy Eating On Vacation, From Experts

It’s not exactly easy to stick with your workout routine while you’re on vacation, especially if that involves novelty gym equipment or a pilates reformer. Instead, prioritize movement over rigid exercises. 

“Physical activity can play a significant role in your body’s metabolism and overall health, even while on vacation,” internal medicine doctor and Chief Medical Officer of Modern Age Anant Vinjamoori, M.D. explains. If possible, Vinjamoori says, take a walk or engage in some form of light exercise about 30 minutes after eating. 

“This coincides with the peak of glucose delivery into your bloodstream for most people, helping to optimize the body’s energy use and maintain better metabolic control,” he explains. 

If you crave even more movement, set aside time in the morning to do a quick yoga flow, go on a scenic run, or take a local exercise class to get your day off to an energized start.

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