5 Proven Ways To Quiet Down The Negative Thoughts In Your Head

Sometimes I feel like my mind makes intrusive calls to me, like the people who ring on your landline (I know, right?) and who seem to think you have been in an accident recently. Your mind pulls a similar trick1, but you can unhook from it by learning to thank it for its efforts instead of fighting with it. Also, learn to give your mind a name to supercharge your defusion exercises.

Mind: Hi, it’s me. I think you should be worrying.

You: Hey, Sheila. Thanks, but I’m okay. I appreciate you are trying to help, what with your big doom-spotting antennae, but I got this.

Mind: Ha! That’s not going to work. You can’t brush me off so easily. If you don’t have a really good worry about the impending doom in your future right now, you’ll be finished by tomorrow morning.

You: Thanks for the thought, Sheila. I really do get that you are trying to help. Anything you want to add?

Mind: Ummm… yeah… give me a second…

You: Look, Sheels, I got stuff to do. Laters, yeah?

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