3 Wellness Habits That Actually Help You Save Money

Mindfulness is simply approaching your actions with intention and attention. So often, it’s easy to get stuck on autopilot—where we carry out our day-to-day without evaluating what is actually serving us. 

When you approach decision-making from a place of mindfulness, you think about why you’re making the choices you are and how you hope it fuels you in the future. What better way to approach financial decisions, no? 

Making mindful money decisions simply means you’re using your purchasing power in alignment with your purpose.

“When you know your values for how you want to live your life, suddenly you have a natural system for making decisions. Whether you need to make a choice between making upgrades to your home or moving money into your savings—your values will help you make the right decision,” writes mbg financial contributor Brianna Firestone

Not to mention, as Firestone reminds us, mindful purchases means less mindless spending—and the guilt that often comes with it. So not only are you saving money, but you may be helping your future self avoid stress.

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