3 Tips To Shrink The Appearance Of Pores, From A Derm

“I start with a BHA exfoliant,” says board-certified dermatologist Scott Walter, MD, FAAD, in a recent TikTok video. BHA is short for beta-hydroxy acid, a type of exfoliant that can dive deeper into the pores than the gentler alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to clean up the gunk. 

He opts for the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid and uses it every morning, which also includes niacinamide to help regulate oil production and prevent pore buildup in the future. 

However, sensitive skin types may experience irritation when using BHAs daily, so feel free to space it out if your skin begins to look inflamed, red, dry, or it starts to itch. 

Using BHAs, like salicylic acid, in the morning will ensure that you never mix it with retinol in the evenings, but it will make you more prone to sun damage and sunburn, so always apply SPF afterward. 

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