3 Skin Care Habits That Actually Help Your Skin Cells Act Younger

LED masks, wands and facials have become increasingly popular as of late. But lots of people don’t really know exactly how they work (and to be fair, neither do researchers.) From what we do know, LED tools have the ability to influence mitochondrial health and ATP production. 

“I am a fan of LED therapy. It can help rejuvenate the skin, it can create smoothness, elasticity, and improve the overall appearance of your skin,” says triple-board certified dermatologist Mamina Turagamo, M.D. One way it does this is through collagen production itself: “It does this by helping build collagen, and also reduces the enzyme that breaks down collagen,” she says. 

But it also improves cellular energy: “LED can also help promote healthy tissue by improving the production of ATP so our cells are creating more energy. This can help with tissue maintenance and repair,” she says. 

However she notes that “the problem is that red light therapy tools aren’t standardized so it’s hard to tell which ones are better than others. I do know that the devices used in offices and spas are stronger. However, the ones used at home are easy, accessible and can still make a positive impact on your skin.” 

Here’s our tried and tested selects for the best LED devices and masks to help you find quality ones. 

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