10th House Astrology: What It Reveals About Career & Public Image

The 10th house, located at the very top of the chart, is the most visible and public area of the zodiac. Things like traditions and institutional structures are ruled by the 10th house, as well as the legacy we’re meant to leave in this world. This is the world’s stage and how we’re seen, our status and leadership.

It’s also about honors, achievements, fame, public reputation, as well as authorities, fathers, and fatherhood. The ruling sign of the 10th house cusp is also called the midheaven, and it can give astrologers a sense about your career path.

The midheaven is symbolized on your birth chart by “MC,” which stands for Medium Coeli (or “middle of heaven”), and as astrologer Molly Pennington Ph.D. previously told mindbodygreen, understanding yours can clue you into what kind of reputation you’re really meant to leave behind.

And while both your midheaven and rising sign are similar to an extent, as they’re both outer-facing aspects of one’s personality, the rising sign is more about first impressions and interpersonal aspects of your personality, while the midheaven and 10th house are much more about public image and legacy.

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